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If you would like to volunteer with any of our activities, please email us at


We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you.

Food Pantry


In our community, 76.6% of the households with children receive SNAP. Our goal is to eliminate hunger in our community.  In collaboration with FOOD Share, we established two food pantries in 2019 that operate two times each month.  Additionally, we offer a Senior Box program to those individuals over 60 and they receive a 30-pound box of food each month.

In 2020, we distributed more than 300,000 pounds of food to our
community.  Thank you to FOOD Share, USDA, Feeding America, and
the Gene Haas Foundation for their generous support so we can provide
this service to our residents. Additionally, we helped distribute more
than 200,000 student lunches during the Covid crisis. Thanks to the Rio
School District, Oxnard Union High School District, and No Kid Hungry
for their support.

We offer two pantries each month.


2nd Tuesday of each month at 9:30 a.m. at the Community Center, 3334 Santa Clara Ave.

4th Tuesday of each month at 9:30 a.m. at Garden Acres Mutual Water Company, corner of Orange and Friedrich.

Thank you to Ventura Citizens for Energy Independence for the donation of a large freezer!

Covid Outreach

Our Comadres y Compadres are conducting a strong outreach program to encourage our residents to obtain a vaccine.

We conduct three vaccine clinics in our community and we encourage EVERYONE to obtain a vaccine to protect themselves and others in our community.​

Please play the video below for more information.




Get Vaccinated

Roll up your sleeves

Closing the Digital Divide

Having internet in every home is important to the success of a community.  We are working to have every household obtain internet in their home and we are focusing first on those that have children.

We are proud of the Nyeland Acres Boys & Girls Club Keystone Club who won the middle school competition of the first California Mayors Cyber Cup competition on February 23, 2019. The competition engaged students in a real-life cybersecurity threat scenario in which they used technical skills, leading cyber practices and good cyber-hygiene habits to overcome the problem.

 Without any training, or even knowing what cyber security is, the girls from Nyeland Acres won the middle school competition.  That team is pictured here with Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin.   

The Nyeland Promise has a goal to support generational change for our community by providing internet access to the most disadvantaged community in Ventura County.  Currently, more than 70% of the residents do not have internet access due to the high cost. 



Approximately 1,000 residents in Nyeland Acres, Oxnard, California, are under the age of eighteen (18), with almost 600 of those in the K-8 educational system.  Without internet, they are unable to compete and succeed compared to their internet-accessible peers.


Acknowledging that this is not acceptable, we have been working to solve this huge problem.  Working with the community, Rio School District, Southern California Edison, the Port of Hueneme, Rebozo Festival, Gene Haas Foundation, Santa to the Sea, Garden Acres Mutual Water Company, and private donors, we are building out a wireless network for our students.


Currently, we have completed the equipment towers installation (6 towers) and are ready to install the final piece into the homes of our students.  They will receive equipment attached to the building and a modem inside their homes in order to receive the free data from their school district.  We have funding for 132 installations but need to complete the remaining 356 school students. 


The cost to install each house is $154.  Would you please consider sponsoring houses so we can complete our project? 


Thank you for your consideration.

Community Events


We offer events during the year to build a strong sense of community.  


During 2020, we conducted Census outreach to our community and educated our residents about the importance of completing the Census.  We also conducted multiple Covid testing sites, health fairs, and connections to other resources in the County.  We are hosting vaccine clinics in 2021 to assist in all individuals in receiving the vaccine.


In 2021, we distributed more than 550 backpacks with school supplies to students in our neighborhood. 

Our Comadres y Compadres help clean up the neighborhood. Please let us know is you would like to help with keeping our community clean. You can report any issue to the County of Ventura through their Public Works app.

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