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Clean Power Alliance


Nyeland Promise is proud to have received a grant from Clean Power Alliance to implement a
multilingual program to educate the residents of Nyeland Acres on efficient ways to conserve
energy and to introduce environmental careers to our local youth.
The residents of Nyeland Acres participated in an Earth Day community clean up along with
students from Pacifica High School. We focused on our storm drains to prevent trash from going
onto our oceans. We also planted some lettuce seeds in small pots to distribute to residents in
We took underserved students from Nyeland Acres on a fun field trip to the Port of Hueneme to
introduce them to environmental careers, internship opportunities, and to hear about the Port’s
advancement in clean energy. We will be taking the students on a few more field trips this
summer to continue building their passion for environmental careers.

Healthy Nyeland Acres

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A project developed by our Board Member, Brenda Heredia as part of her fellowship for the
Social Justice Fund for VC. Healthy Nyeland Acres, promotes health equity for underserved
residents in Nyeland Acres by providing them with health education workshops, Zumba, and
health fairs. Residents will be empowered to take care of their health and to stay physically
active. A shocking 46% of residents in Nyeland Acres are uninsured. Healthy Nyeland Acres
aims to build trust by partnering with agencies and inviting them to the community.

Read this press release for more information

Press Release

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